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Image of the oldest light house "Vierboete"

De Vierboete te Nieuwpoort

Rescue boats of the Belgian Air ForceClean water with mussels growing on the mooring chainsThe first floating crane of the Club.Old clubbar - this bar is now a summer garden bar.

Het prille begin
Le tout début
In the beginning

diabolo1.jpg (11694 bytes)Diabolo2.jpg (18644 bytes)Diabolo3.jpg (11139 bytes)De Blue Devil met de drie constructeurs, Charles Jodts, Livin Paesbrughe, en ?
The first club sailing yachts. Zeilschool. Ecole de voile.Belgian Air Force Yacht Club Nieuwpoort 1961 - Vlotkom - met de Blue Devil en de Saint Anne van Mr Van Acker

De eerste clubboten
Le premiers bateaux du Club
The first Club boats

Nieuwpoortweek - prizegivingNieuwpoortweek - skydivers honouring our sponsorsThe Clubpresident during the prizegiving ceremonyMister Roland Crabbe, mayor of Nieuwpoort, handing over a present to the wife of the Minister President.
Spa was the main sponsor during the Nieuwpoortweek

Onze - Nos - Our

The clubhouse in a wintery atmosphereA special bath for our youngest sailorsModern facilitiesJobstudent Mathieu preparing crushed ice bags


Clubhouse and facilities

The clubrestaurant at its bestclubrestaurantrestaurant3.jpg (110525 bytes)restaurant4.jpg (141939 bytes)

Bar & Restaurant

Npw11.jpg (57592 bytes)Opti11.jpg (48094 bytes)Optimist class going out during the Flanders Youth Regatta
Nieuwpoort week Flanders Youth Regatta, the national flagsOur Race Officer Bob LeclercqYouth regatta ready for the launch

Op weg naar de wedstrijd..
En route vers la régate..
Towards the regatta

ares1993.jpg (74178 bytes)Ares sponsored by Lease Plan and regatta sailing in NieuwpoortThe Belgium, sailing during the Constitution Race and manned by clubmembers. Surprise picture taken by a Mirage 5 jet plane.Ares team sponsored by Imperial

Onze militaire zeilploeg
Notre équipe militaire

Our Wise boat lift is ready to lift your boat out of the water.Safe boat cradles for parking the yachts.Hot galvanized for rust protection yacht cradles - Yachting ServicesBoatparking nr 1 with the yacht nicely aligned

Bootlift - Bootstoelen - Parking
Ascenseur - Bers - Parking
Boatlift - Cradles - Parking

Acces to the moorings with magnetic badgeHarbourmasters preparing for an imminent storm in Novus Portus Yacht HarbourVisitors follow this sign to arrive at their moorings
Harbourmasters preparing for the yearly dredging works.baggerwerken3.jpg (54576 bytes)Mast parkTrash container park


President's car during a clubjokeKids sailing day in the Watersport Kring van de Luchtmacht, Yachting Harbour of NieuwpoortKids Sailing Day au port de plaisance à Nieuport
Club members during the yearly cycling event from Nieuwpoort Jachthaven towards Oeren.london2.jpg (85366 bytes)Fishery contest Challenge Hubert Goethals, prizegivingThe Nieuwpoort Sea Scouts helping during the Nieuwpoortweek
Lucien in discussion with his friendsEastern fun for the young peoplePasen10.jpg (40565 bytes)
Eastern spring chickensYouth1.jpg (57909 bytes)Youth10.jpg (51333 bytes)Arrival of the sailing competition La Coupe des Caps in the Nieuwpoort Yacht Harbour Novus Portus

Club activiteiten
Activités club
Club activities

A remembrance received from Queen Fabiola on the occasion of the decease of King Boudewijn in 1993.Roger Vanhoenacker, our Vice-President, deceased on the 4th of october 1992.Rene Vandervelde, member of the committee and representative of the civilian members. Deceased on the 13 of february 1998.Albert Jonnart
Charles Moreels died on the 9th of July 1990 during an Atlantic Crossing and is burried on Cavalry Cemetry in Hamilton-Bermuda.Charles Tremouroux, he loved the sea and his clubMichel Nullens, he loved the sea and his club. Deceased in 2000.Staf Versluys, Belgium's most renowned world sailor who died on the 26th of August in 1995 - a Friend of our Club - an example for all young sailors.

En souvenir
We will not forget them

Il y a quelque chose de plus fort
que la mort
c'est la présence des absents
dans la mémoire des vivants (Jean d'Ormesson).

"Tu sais, dans la vie, il ne faut
jamais désespérer, tout finit
toujours par s'arranger" (Albert).


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