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The Belgian Air Force Yacht Club (Watersportkring van de Luchtmacht WSKLuM vzw) located in Nieuwpoort (Belgium) extends a hearty welcome to visitors and yachtmen from Europe and from all over the world. We have 450 secure berths easily accessible in all weather and sea conditions and fully equipped with fresh water and individual 16A electricity sockets. Simply follow the blue line and the blue Visitor Welcome panels to our harbour master's pontoon on the North side of the new basin "Novus Portus". 

Club Goals

  • Provide opportunity and facilities to participate in water sports for members of the Belgian military, members of NATO, families, friends, and guests.
  • Promote and encourage participation in and the reality that, Water Sports are for all, regardless of age, economic, or social status.
  • Encourage and promote the development of water sports, and the growth of tourism in the Western region of Belgium, and the city of Nieuwpoort.

Club Charter WSKLuM

  • A nonprofit organization chartered under Belgian Law and Belgian Air Force guidance. Return proceeds from operations to water sport infrastructure.
  • Member of KBYV Belgian Yachting Federation and VYF (Flemisch Yachting Federation), recognized Sport Organization by the Flemish Ministry of Sport  BLOSO
  • Co-Creator/organizer of the annual "NIEUWPOORT WEEK" internationally recognized sailing festival.
  • Along with the city of NIEUWPOORT and the sister clubs K.Y.C.N. and V.V.W. form the supervising body for water sports and water activities in the Nieuwpoort basin/yacht harbour.
  • Co-Organizer of the NZK (North Sea Championship).

What have Flying and sailing in common
Michel HANTON, President of the vzw Watersportkring van de Luchtmacht Nieuwpoort, since January 1st 2014.

Marcel TERRASSON, Lieutenant-General Pilot (ret) and  "Past Commandant of the Belgian Tactical Air Force" , is since 1982 president of the " vzw Watersportkring van de Luchtmacht Nieuwpoort" and from 1993 till 2000 President of the Royal Belgian Yachting Association.
On 25/1/2014 he was succeeded bij
Michel HANTON.
Marcel Terrasson received on May 5th 2014 the title of Honorary President.

Max DE BAERE, Commander-Pilot (ret)  assists the President since the end of the seventies; he is responsible since 1984 for the operational management of the Club. Max De Baere was an aircraft commander on Seaking Helicopter in the 40th Search and Rescue Squadron at Koksijde Air Force Base. His heart goes to sailing and to his Club.
  • All 15 of our pontoons are just a short walk to the clubhouse where we are proud to offer clean, modern 24-hour/day facilities including laundry, ice, and showers/toilets, plus much more.

  • 24 hour per day self service diesel re-fueling is located a few hundred meters from the Harbormasters pontoon.

  • In the mood for "haute cuisine" or a simple meal, a visit to the club restaurant "De Vierboete" or the spacious bar with its sun deck overlooking the picturesque harbor is a must.

  • Whatever your nautical needs, shops and ship chandlers are all within easy walking distance.

  • If you require provisioning service we will be happy to arrange it for you.

  • If you're in need of repairs we have a state of the art (twenty-five ton capacity) lifts facility and provide very reasonable haul out service.

  • If you're tired of dragging a salad garden through the sea, we offer a quick haul out and pressure cleaning in our new environmentally friendly wash stand. We will also offer a safety check on your propeller, shaft, and sacrificial anodes while we're at it.

  • If your needs are more extensive we can provide dry land storage/parking in our new patented "Force Twelve" yacht cradles while highly trained technicians from the local area make any necessary repairs or upgrades to your boat.

  • Nieuwpoort and its surroundings have a lot to offer the short-term visitor or longer-term vacationer. Our beautiful white sandy beaches with lots of shops and local restaurants and taverns are only a short tram ride away in Nieuwpoort Town and Bad.

  • The clean efficient Belgian tram system runs a regular and frequent schedule connecting the cities and towns along the Belgian coast from France to Holland.

  • With a convenient train connection in Ostend you can visit the beautifully preserved and maintained Medieval City of Bruges or continue on to Gent and Brussels and the entire country opens for your pleasure enjoyment.


  • The WSKLuM was founded in 1958 as an entity of the Belgian Air Force Sports Association. For more than a quarter of a century it was part of the Search and Rescue (SAR) complex of the Belgian Air Force.
  • When a new boat harbor Novus Portus was created in Nieuwpoort, The Belgian Air Force Nautical Association was provided a portion of that harbor for its use.
  • The club was obligated to move from its old facilities on the south side of the harbor and build a new club house and facilities on the Northern side of the  “Novus Portus”.
  • Thanks to the understanding and assistance of all agencies concerned, Civilian as well as military, the corner stone was laid on the 27th of April 1985 by the Mayor of Nieuwpoort (Monsieur le Senateur G. Mommerency).
  • The new Club House and facilities were dedicated on the 26th of September 1986 by Lieutenant General J. Lefebvre, Chief of Staff of the Belgian Air Force and Major General Robijns de Schneidauer, President of the Belgian Air Force Sports Association.
  • The WSKLuM  presently has more than 500 families registered with a total membership of 1500.
  • Retired Lt. Gen. Marcel Terrasson has been the club president since 1982 till 2013.  Michel Hanton is since 2014 president of the club. Retired Aviation Commandant Max De Baere has been the club secretary since 1984. The Treasurer is Colonel Eric De Clercq and the Regatta Organizer is Commandant Bob Leclercq. 


  • Organization of national and international regattas
  • Organization of rally's
  • Organization of social club activities
  • Sailing school: initiation theoretical and practical courses
  • Weather: daily updated three day weather forecast for seagoing yachts
  • Notices to mariners

Infrastructure and facilities

  • 470 berths, catways, water and electricity
  • Visitors pontoon
  • Camera surveillance and access control with magnetic badge.
  • Club office, classroom (20 pl), conference room (60 pl).
  • Clubhouse "De Vierboete", restaurant, bar.
  • Toilets, showers, laundry
  • Car park
  • Boat parks, 220 cradles, 24/24 access with magnetic card, water and electricity
  • Wise 25 Ton boatlift
  • Mast crane
  • Environmentally friendly boat wash stand - high pressure cleaning installation
  • Trash containers, oil bins
  • Bike rental
  • Playground for children
  • Tug boat, floating crane
  • Clubyachts:  Luctor (First 32ft sailboat)
  • Club competition boats: Ares (First Class 8 sailboat)

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