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General meeting

Saturday 29 January 2022

The following depends on the current corona protocol and is subject to change

- Given the corona measures, only the effective (military) member in line with the club contributions and not accompanied by a partner or third party is allowed to attend the meeting.
- Each participant is obliged on arrival to wear a mouth mask, apply disinfectant gel, keep a distance of 1.5 m and go immediately to his reserved seat.
- On each seat is a folder with an election letter, a copy of the profit and loss account for the past year and a copy of the budget for the new year.
- Relevant questions or proposals of general interest should be addressed in writing to the Chairman before January 15, 2022, using the web form at the bottom of this page;
- Registration: every participant must register before January 15, 2022 using the same web form at the bottom of this page.
- The meeting room is accessible from 10.45 am by signing the attendance form. The doors will be closed after 10.55 am.

10.45 am: Registration: Open the doors and sign the attendance form.
10.55 am: End of the signing.
11.00 am: General meeting
                 - Welcome from the Chairman and short introduction;
                 - Submit and approve of the 2021 balance and the 2022 budget;
                 - Contributions 2023;
                 - Discharge the directors and account supervisors;
                 - Concise report the sections;
                 - Election of the directors to replace Messrs De Clercq E. and Van Schoor M., All resigning and eligible for re-election;
                - Propose the candidates delegates of the invited members;
                - Questions moment: answering the written questions;
                - Due to the corona pandemic, the club bar and restaurant are closed and no drinks are provided after the meeting.

12 noon: Board of Directors
               Only for committee members

Here you should briefly at the latest on January 10, 2020 state your question and proposal that should be of general interest and relevant to the General Meeting.
Confirm here if you will or will not participate in the General Meeting of 30/01/2021and do not participate in the General Assembly